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About Us

One of Australia’s leading furniture removalists

Furniture Moving is one of Australia’s leading furniture moving companies. With ports operating across Australia, the qualified professional movers at Furniture Moving can actively save you money when you’re looking to move house.

Implementing an innovative ‘you pack, we move’ philosophy, Furniture Moving saves you money by eliminating the need for removalists to pack your moving truck. By delivering an industrial container to your property, you are the one in charge of packing your belongings so you can assure their safety and condition, then Furniture Moving collects the container to strategically transport it to you new location. This is the most cost effective way to move and is designed to minimise the double handling of your goods as you’re the one packing and unpacking your container.

An affordable furniture moving alternative

Since you’re the one responsible for packing and unpacking the container supplied and transported by Furniture Moving, we’re able to save you significant amounts of money. Able to perform both local and interstate relocations, Furniture Moving is the most comprehensive removalist company.

You no longer have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for your furniture removals – thanks to Furniture Moving you have control over how your belongings are packed, and you won’t blow your budget. Priding ourselves on delivering all furniture on time and within budget, contact Furniture Moving today.